March 8, 2008

Sara Facio's Anthology

Sara Facio is a very famous Argentinien Photographer

Untill 29. March we shall take a look at 179, Arts- Photos from
Great argentine Photographer Sara Facio at Fundación OSDE.

The Art- Exhibition shows an Anthology and involves her most emblematic Photo- Collections :

- Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
- Humanario
- President Perón Funeral
- Pablo Neruda in “Isla Negra”
- Portraits from Writers : Alejandra Pizarnik, Rosario Castellanos, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Julio Cortazar.
- “Brujos y Hechiceras”, involves photos of Victoria Ocampo, Maria Elena Walsch and Astor Piazolla.

Sara Facio, thinks that the picture must be in a good paper, because she saiys, “ It is very difficult to get the deepness of the observer without nuances, without the lights”.
She does want to show observers good pictures, good printed, to make them to watch the measure, the art of the photography.

Sara Facio, Antología
( 1960-2005)
Fundación Osde
Suipacha 658
Mondays till Saturdays, 1 pm – 8 pm.

In 1974, the newspaper for whom she worked, asked Sara Facio to make a group of Photos about the death of President Perón.
Sara Facio wasn’t involve with the Peronismo, but she was very sensitive for the impact the death of Peron hat been made in the people.
The pictures of “Funerales del Presidente Perón” are a memory and a mirror of the country, its society and its conflicts.

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