June 3, 2008

Gallery Nights - May 2008

The group at Coffa, Quintana 161.

I want to thank all people who shared with me Gallery Nights of Last May. It was a cold night, but we all had a good mood !

Gallery Nights is a meaningful experience. Ordinary People, who have nothing to do with arts can meet artists, gallery owners, arts experts at the same place, with a glass of champange and free of charge. That is meaningful. In our society everything is made to be payed for. But this is free, and very good.

In May edition we could enjoy master pieces of :

- Liliana Golubinsky at Rubbers Art Gallery
- Eduardo Audivert, “Acuarelas” en Zurbaran de Alvear
- Alejandro Boim in Zurbaran of Cerrito.
- The young painters in “La Recova” ( month per month they ask a new Art Atelier to show their works there).
- Holz Price, a new proposal of Holz Gallery where painters under 35 can send their application.
- Liliana Corradini, works at explanations at Promenada Gallery.
- And for me the most interesting Art – Vision of the Nights. Fotos ! you may be surprised because I am not a fan of the Photography but those Fotos were beautiful in colors and in meaning. Dolores Liprandi ‘s Foto-Exhibition “ Almas” ( Souls), was a representation of human life, with birth and death ( abandon) idea. ( She says we come from water , because at mama’s there is water). This exhibition is currently in Aldo de Souza Art Gallery ( Arroyo 858). Aldo de Souza self has given explications for our group.

I will not forget the special invitation from Rita Pulella, who in COFFA (Residencia Balcarce, Quintana 161, Recoleta ) has presented her own Colections, of Argentina’s Landscape, with bright colors and typical Pampa.

Beatriz Acosta

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