March 9, 2009

Our Pampa from an European View

Photo : Carlos Saenz de Tejada
Source :

At Larreta Museum in Belgrano - Splendorous Museum of Hispanic Art –

Have you ever imagine, in which way could an European imagine our “Pampa”?
How is his view ? His stereotypes? His fantasies and Thoughts ?

Museum Larreta offers you a Help.
Last Tuesday, there was the official Opening of Carlos Saenz de Tejada’s Painting and Watercolours, named “An unforgettable Vision of the Pampa”.
This collection was an special wish of Enrique Larreta who enquires Saenz de Tejada to make pictures to enlighten his novel “ Zogoibi”.

Zogoibi, a costumbrist novel is situated in La Pampa, to tell the story about an engaged man who fell in love with another woman ( a foreign one) , who after their short love story, left him alone.
The pictures, made in the 20’ have a strong influence of Art Déco. The figures are idealistic, thin and stylish.

The Exhibition is available until March 29 th.
Museo Larreta, Juramento 2291 – Belgrano – Buenos Aires.

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