March 9, 2009

Textile Arts Fest !

Picture : The Papiste
Author : Silke
Source :

It is now 10 years, since World Textile Art ( WTA) started to develop the International Textile Arts Fairs.
In this fifth Edition Buenos Aires is the top scenario till April 25th there will be different exhibitions of local and international artists.

Exhibitions Calendar:

From March 11, at Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, Austrian Artist Silke.

From March 16, at Museo Fundación Romulo Raggio, “ Quilts Exhibition”
From March 25 th, at Casa de la Cultura ( FNARTES) “White”
From March 26 th, at Centro Cultural Recoleta “ Art Textile of Cordoba”
From March 26 th, at Museo del Traje, “Canadian Artists”
From March 28 th, at Museo Popular José Hernandez “ The best of Textile Art”
From March 31 th, at Museo de Arquitectura “Argentina’s Textile Art History”
From March 31 th, at Museo Sivori, Performance “ Blue Gold”
From April, 3 Th, at Centro Cultural Borges “Textile Mythology”
From April, Official Opening at Palais de Glace with 98 artworks.

And also at Palais de Glace, there will be performances, video art, and installations selected by the argentine curator Florencia Battiti.

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