June 15, 2009

Gallery Nights Palermo ( Winter 2009)

Picture : Bio Art by Joaquin Fargas.

Gallery Nights Palermo is always a point to start and review trends and styles in Argentine Contemporary Art.
We have started our tour at OBJETO A , Art Gallery. Objeto A is a new concept for Arts Galleries, the building, the atmosphere and the quality of the artworks show innovation and open mind for arts and young artists.
This time the exhibition turned about WATER. Artists of Estela Pereda’ Atelier showed their works about Water in Painting, Sculpture, Textile Art and non conventional materials for Artworks.
Inside the Gallery but not as part of WATER EXHIBITION, I could see again Joaquin Fargas Works about Bio Art. I strongly recommend visiting Universidad Maimonides BIO ART LABORATORY.

The standout point of the night was Pedro Cuevas Performance at DACILART. I could not describe Cuevas point of view in a time, but he is completely new, provocative and visionary. Changes in our society are the keyword at Cuevas Works. He analyses Argentina’s time and problems: dengue, economical crisis, influenza, panic attack and our transgenic food at the everydaylife.
The highlight of the exhibition was Pedro Cuevas’s own Performance : as the exhibition runned he was in the middle of the room, asleep as a result of his taking medicines after suffering panic attack.

We have visited Teresa Anchorena’s Gallery and we could talk for a while with Milo Lockett, one of the prominent artists of our generation. Since 10 years Milo has been working his own style, unique and modern. Most of young people interested to buy their first artwork find it at Milo’s.

We have finished the night at La Boutique del Libro, while enjoying ARNET ILUMINARTE video-installation.

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