July 7, 2009

Gallery Nights - Twice in June !

Artist : Juan Doffo - Rubber Art Gallery Buenos Aires -

Last Friday of June, as always I have arranged to make a new Gallery Night Tour. Gallery Nights always offers us a great oportunity to meet artists, art lovers as well as excellent artworks.

We have started our Tour at Museo Fernandez Blanco.
As a Lawyer I have great interest for Lawyer’s College Activities at Culture Commision, of which I am a proud member. This time the artist selected by curator Dr. Jorge Poliak was Marcela Viglione. Marcela Viglione has studied Arts and Painting with prominent Masters as Axel Amuchástegui. She has accuracy to design animals bodies and expressions. The message of her exhibit was “Arts Accion to Project Animals Rights”.

At Laura Haber Art Gallery we had enjoyed the colourfull and bright paintings of artist Ileana Vegezzi. Her topics are flowers, plants and nature.

Zurbaran Art Gallery exhibits Quinquela Martin’s Masterworks as well as a Doku-Film about Quinquela’s life, thoughts and Works.

The highlight of the night was visiting Visual Artist and Photograph JUAN DOFFO. Juan Doffo is a top figure in Argentine and Latin America Contemporary Art.
His artworks meet chaos, sensibility and order Ideas with an Sorong sense of Beauty.

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