December 18, 2009

Isaac Fernández Blanco - Hispanic & Southamerican Arts

If you are in Buenos Aires this summer, read and go !

I have got two different favorite Musems in Buenos Aires, one ist Spanish Art Museum Enrique Larreta in Belgrano Neighbourhood and the other is this one, The “Fernandez Blanco”.
I have started my cultural activities there and it is always for me a fabolous new experience.

Next I will give you some details about the Museum. It has an spiritual atmosphere a superlative cultural agenda and very
Beautiful spanish Gardens. Arts, Nature and Peace in one place.

The Isaac Fernández Blanco Museum offers a thorough overview of South American Cultural environments, whose confluence contributed to the formation of the first Argentine identity.
The Museum is named alter Isaac Fernández Blanco, who created and donated the Basic Collection of the Museum Heritage. Since 1947 the Museum has had its SEAT at the Neocolonial Noel Palace , with was built by architect Martin Noel in 1922.

The Isaac Fernández Blanco Spanish- American Art Museum displays excellent exhibitions ot the arts developed in the Colonial times. Its collections of viceregal silverware outnumbers any other public Collection in the South Cone. It has 17 th to 19 th Century Works created at the most well-know South American silver Workshops. It also exhibit an exclusive Collection of European Pieces, which entered out territory during the Colonial Period.
The Museum’s Painting Heritage is the most complete in the City of Buenos Aires. Outstanding samples of Cuzco, the Potosi, the Mexican, the Titicaca Lake Schools as well as paintings created in the Argentine territory are part of the Collection.
Besides, there are more than 250 samples of Colonial religious images made in wood, alabaster and ivory. It is worth highlighting other artistic expressions as the Baroque pieces of the forniture, as well as the extensive Collection of religious ornaments, pottery, numismatics, engravings, jewelry and books.

At the present time, there is an exhibition of “ Guido Boggiani “ presented by Curators Leila Makarius ,Patricio López Méndez , and
Gustavo Tudisco.It is related to Photografies taked in the last Century to the “Chamacocos”, Native Inhabitants of “The Gran Chaco”, in the Nord of Argentina and in the Edge with Paraguay and Bolivia.

The Exhibition will continue untill March 7th, 2010.
From Tuesdays to Sundays , 2 pm / 7 pm
Saturdays and Sundays , 11 am / 7 pm.
Ticket $ 1.

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