March 12, 2008

Fiesta Barroca en Italia - Baroque Celebration in Italy


This project searchs to re-create in modern men eyes, a part of the past which is vanished and only could be brought back to life through Paint and at the Arts Milieu.
The gorgeous costumes for the important ceremonies at Italian Courts of XVII Century, are showed at this exhibition making a reconstruction from that antique and amazing world.
The exhibition shows the current observers the paramount of Italian Culture.

The National Museum of Decorative Arts, is located at the Errázuriz Alvear Palace, of french neoclassical style.
In Cooperation with “Instituto Italiano de Cultura en Buenos Aires”

Fiesta Barroca Italiana
Trajes del Siglo XVII- Exhibition
Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo,

Av. Del Libertador 1902, Palermo.
From 18. March to 29. April.
Tue- Sundays 12 – 19 hs. , Fee $ 2. -

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