March 27, 2008

Tarsila Do Amaral - Art Exhibition in MALBA MUSEUM


TARSILA, Pictures for Children.

From 28. Marz to 2. June.

Tarsila do Amaral is considered one of the most representatives artist of South America in XX Century. She becomes a symbol of Latin America more “Politics concious” Generation.

Her works make a voyage between diferent Arts Tendences and Art Influences, with strong european liasons but always reminding the “brasilian fascination”.

Tarsila do Amaral was born in 1886, in Capivari (Sao Paulo), with her wealthy family she lived a childhood which was paradoxal.
In the middle of the brasilian jungle, in daily contact with wild nature and poor people, she wore clothes and used instruments boughts in Europe, as well as she studied French Literature and Piano Lessons.

At 16th. , she traveled to Barcelona, to study Literature.After her divorce, and with a little child, she discovered her love to Painting, trying Landscapes and Nature Pictures.

In France she was Student of Émile Renard, in this period she painted : A Espanhola (Paquita) and she enjoyed great success being member of Brasilian Intelectual and Art Milieu, with her acquitances from “Revista Klaxon”: Oswald, Mário, Menotti Del Picchia, Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, Graça Aranha.
Tarsila, with Oswald, Menotti, Mário de Andrade e Anita Malfatti, maked the “ Grupo dos Cinco”.
She was introduced to Picasso, Fernand Léger e André Lothe, De Chirico, Stravinsky, André Breton and Blaise Cendrars.
Her pictures were described as “ LIVE YELLOW, LILA-ROSE,PURE BLUE, SINGING GREEN”.

MUSEUM MALBA, Contantini Foundation has one of the most representatives works of TARSILA : Abaporu, which means: “Man who eats human flesh”.
This time MALBA MUSEUM shows the EXHIBITION “TARSILA VIAJERA” , a selection of 80 works, which is focused in the first travels of the artist.

WORKS 1918 – 1933
From 28. Marz to 2. June.
Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Buenos Aires.
Mondays throught Fridays 12/8 PM.
Tickets $ 14.- (Wednesday Free)

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