February 16, 2009

Quinquela Museum in La Boca

Foto : www.fineartphotoblog.com
Author : Andrew Gibson.

Last Friday I was at Quinquela Martin Fine Arts Museum in La Boca.

I must say it is beautiful place, enormous, sunny and the artworks inside are great.
They have picture from Argentine’s Masters and the second floor is dedicated to Quinquela’s Works. ( It was Quinquela’s House).
Between Argentine Painters are artworks from : Medilaharzu, Sivori, De la Carcova, Victorica, Lacámara, Castagnino and Soldi.

They also arrange temporary exhibitions of comtemporary Artists.
This month the special exhibition is "Eternal Femenine". A collection of differents
artworks, where the woman is in the center of the scene, as musa ,as subject, or as artist.

This Museum is full of surprises.
There is a beautiful terrace of sculptures, where you can find artworks from Yrrurtia
and Bonetti.
There is also a room dedicated to "Mascarones de proa".( They were figureheads in the corner of ships.)

And if you want to feel yourself as a captain you will enjoy looking from the terrace, the neighbourhood, the river , and La Boca Bridge through a panoramic viewer.

I will write on later, but if you don’t have enough pacience you have to go there, you would not regret it !

Museo de Arte Benito Quinquela Martin,
Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1850, La Boca.
Hours : Tuersday to Sundays 10 pm to 6 pm.
Tickets : $ 5.-

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