February 25, 2009

Photo-Art Opening at Centro Cultural Borges

Photo : Martin Gusinde, "HAIN CEREMONY" (1923)
Source : http://tribusdechile.blogspot.com/

This Art Opening was very interesting. Gusinde’s photos are enlightened.
The description about Ona’s life is very complete and serious.

Dr. Anne Chapman, Researcher and Curator made an introduction for the visitors and at made also an invitation for her CONFERENCE, on March 18 at the Centro Cultural Borges.

( Thursday February 26 th, 7 pm)

On Exhibition “The end of the world: The Selk’nam from Tierra del Fuego”.

It’s a photo-exhibition with historical and antrophological objective, which shows the ONA’s society and way of life from Magallanes’s Time ( 1520) throughout nowadays.
Mostly of the pictures are Martin Gusinde’s property.
Martin Gusinde was priest, misionaar and antrophologist born in Austria, who made several travels to Tierra del Fuego in the beginning of the 20 th Centhury. His picture are a document about the relationship between the Onas and the white man.

Dr.Anne Chapman, Researcher and Curator of the Exhibition, will make the official Art - Opening.

Selk’nam from Tierra del Fuego, Photo – Art Opening
Thursday February 26 th, 7pm
Centro Cultural Borges, Viamonte and San Martin
( Galerias Pacifico Shopping Center)
Opening Night : Free Access.

Exhibition closed on March 22 th.

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