April 28, 2009

Gallery Nights 2009 !

Last Friday we have met at the first tour for Gallery Nights 2009 !

We have visited Carlos Regazzoni’s Atelier and we got news of his special kind of Arts made by trains-parts and old elements related to Train Stations and garbish, it is important not to forget that Regazzoni’s Atelier is in the outside of Retiro Train Station.
Then we continued to Zurbaran Art Gallery and we could meet Master Gyula Kosice face to face. The Gallery exhibits the new Kosice’s artworks related to water and new technologies.
We also visited RO ART GALLERY where there was the exhibition FEMENINOPLURAL regarding to Buenos AiresTextil Art Fair 2009.
To end our hightlights we have visited AGALMA ART GALLERY to see the exhibition “ Magia” of artist Anahí Roitman, who makes her artworks colorfull and modern.
Last but not least Buenos Aires Lawyers Association has made its first attemp at Gallery Nights with the exhibition “ Vivencias”, artworks from Susana Bonnet Murray, based on her trips around Europe.

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