May 9, 2009

Textile Art

Once again I have learned something which makes me renew my feelings, knowledge and convictions. More even when I have to write all this in English and the etymology of the language is so different:

At English Language “Textile”: not as cloth but as web.
With these three letters (symbols) I don’t have to explain so much.
At the Latin Language “ textere” : transmission.

Curator Florencia Battiti took also this idea to explain her curatorial axis at Palais de Glace. At the beginning of the exhibition a big glassbox with capital letters in the inside whose characters were filled with condoms making the word survive. This idea continued with clothes specially designed for dangerous conditions and the end a small tent connected with the others under the title: connected to survive.

The whole exhibition attemps to explain the internal and eternal connection between cloth and messages, cloth and history, cloth and human life.

Of this exhibition I have to mention :

Paraguayan Artist Feliciano Centurion’s Artwork made by bedclothes and crochet style and Natalia Rizzo ( Argentine Artist) who made an interesting scenario of life and death, and the movement of times inspired in Mexican Idea of Death, Dream and Memory , and childhood tales.

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