March 2, 2009

Much Ado about Nothing -


Last Wednesday I was at an interesting videoinstallation at Alliance Française in Buenos Aires, it was “MARCOS ZAPATA FLINK PERFORMANCE”.
The performance has shown 6 video screens in front of other 6 video screens.

In the first group the 6 video screens shows the face and the body of the main character of this Art Work: the actor Marcos Zapata Flink. In his performance he spoke about every simple topic, which we, Argentines, here talk about.
In front of him, and thought the other group of 6 video screens a group of artist, journalist, intellectual and everyday people were looking, listening and analyzing. Many of them also smile.
At the end the whole group talked about Marco’s point of view and behaviour.
In these 15 minutes they started to act and to behave as Marcos.
They repeated the same topics, and the same behaviour they have seen from Marcos. And the end they smile.

“ Everyone can be Marcos” or “ Cual es la propuesta ? , mucho ruido y pocas noeces” was name this interesting video installation performed totally in English and with subtitles in Spanish , and it was a creation from Marta Armengol Pujol ( Spain) and Lisa Truttmann ( Austria) .

This activity was under the Patronage of the Embassy of Austria and at the end we have enjoyed a cocktail with Madame Ambassador and the ministers of this Embassy.

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