March 2, 2009

Museo Ciudad de Buenos Aires Re-Opening

Picture : La Estrella Farmacy.
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This Thursday March 5 Th, Museo de la Ciudad will re-open its doors to show its restoration. At the same time there will be a Temporal Exhibition Art Opening.

The public will be able to make a visit in the whole building after the restoration works. The Museum has a very important Toy Collection, a Dinning Room of the 50's and a room for Musical Instruments. It could also be seen a City Doors Exhibitions and the new fronts of some of the most important buildings of the neighbourhood.

As temporal Exhibitions there will be one Art Opening dedicated to Argentine’s Fans of the 19 and 20th Century.

Museo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Defensa 219.
Opening : Thursday March 5 Th, 7 pm.

Museums Hours : Mon-Son from 11 am till 7 pm.
Fee $ 1.-

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